Web, game and mobile development.

Try design and build amazing things.

Adr-enaline is sort of lab when I try new stuffs on web and game dev.


Html5 Technology

  • HTML5 is becoming a new standard
  • HTML5 is faster and cheaper
  • HTML5 is modern
  • HTML5 lets you do things previously impossible
  • HTML5 supports mobile devices
Web developer


  • JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world.
  • JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web.
  • JavaScript is also on the server with Node.js
  • But non only... IOT, 2D - 3D Games
  • Possibilities are endless...

Mobile App and Game

  • Cross platform app and games using PhoneGap
  • Amazing game frameworks like Phaser
  • 3d frameworks like Babylon.js
  • Plethora of other things to discover and play with ...

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21 Nov

A drop's run

Save the water. every drop counts.
  • This is the first game I made for mobile.
  • A little drop flowing on a floor, you have to avoid spikes and holes that would kill you.
  • It's a one touch runing game, each tap changing the direction, from left to right and right to left, of the moving drop.
  • You can catch some ice bonus to change your drop in an ice ball, temporarily increasing speed and giving you invincibility.
21 Nov

Pass Through Color

Choose the right color, and pass the wall.
  • In this little game for mobile, you will have to choose the right color to pass the doors.
  • You have two directions buttons to move the color craft and two button to pass from one color to the other, one chnaging from red to yellow to green, the other from red to green an to yellow.

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